Planet Gymnastics' Testimonials:

"I have been extremely pleased with Planet's approach to team gymnastics. The gym is able to continuously move the serious gymnasts ahead into more competitive arenas as well as provide rewarding and satisfying growth for those who are more comfortable with a less aggressive approach. Their team records are evidence of the excellent coaching these girls and boys get. At the same time, this gym focuses attention on building the whole gymnast by providing a fun and supportive environment that grows not only physical strength and healthy living but also self-esteem."
Kim L., Littleton, MA
"This is a great gym that is turning out national competitors every year. Bill the coach and owner, along with the other coaches, does not yell, push or punish the gymnasts. He simply teaches supports and encourages. This is a gym that is like a family. Your child can be a competitive gymnasts but choose from a 3 day 4 day or 5 day schedule. In today's world of pressure to perform every second of the day this gym allows amazing growth in a user friendly environment."
Lori C., Littleton, MA
"Planet gymnastics is pretty big. It has both a girls competing team and a boys competing team. It was very hard to find a gym with boys team. From the first day my son tried out the classes we were very impressed. The coaches make gymnastics fun; the environment is very relaxed and comfortable. The equipment is up to date and sturdy. The owner Bill Kane makes it a point that it's up to the boys if they want to compete or just learn gymnastics for fun.
There is no pressure unless you askfor it. Everyone I know that has tried a class has always come back for more. I'd recommend this place to anyone. Safe and fun place to be."
Beth C., Acton, MA
"Acton gym where the emphasis is on fun in developing a gymnast to their full potential. Coaches are nothing but supportive and the kids love every one of them. There is no pressure to be super competitive but every opportunity is given the kids to succeed at whatever level they compete at. Highly recommended."
Kimberlee, Acton, MA
"My son has been at Planet for about 2 years. He has competed in state, regional, and national competitions. The staff is excellent and the managemant is very accommodating. Planet is the only serious boys team in the local area that keeps it fun while learning. There is an excellent balance between instruction and fun. My 6 year old daughter also attends Planet and has a great time. She loves the coaches. I would recommend Planet for all ages, boys and girls."
Happy Customer, Concord, MA
"This is the second gym we have tried, and it's perfect for our son. In a sport where girls often far outnumber boys, PG provides boys classes. Our son joined the boys team and has just transitioned from Level 4 to Level 5. Unlike other gyms, PG structures their classes so kids are constantly active on one apparatus or another, and they don't spend much time waiting on line for their turn. Also there are male role models.
Their instruction style includes plenty of positive reinforcement, and team building. Competition is important, but personal achievement really drives the kids. Kids come home tired, and satisfied. We'll stay at PG as long as our kid's enthusiasm for gymnastics continues."
Happy Customer, Groton, MA